About Us


 Clients First

Our most valuable asset are our clients. It doesn't matter the amount of their investment, by trusting us part of it is enough to make our world about it.


02.  Accountability

Every step we take through our business is always responsibly thought. From the initial sign of a new customer to the closing of a millionaire acquisition we meticulously care about every detail.


03. Transparency 

It is very important for us that our clients feel confident on the information they receive from us. We do not spare resources when it comes to communication for them. Detailed explanation of our products, their investments and regular reports are a constant when investing with us.


Investing in the long term.


Our firm is serious when it gets to creating wealth for our clients. We like to choose projects not only for their short term profit but for their long term appreciation and combine a portfolio with both efforts.


Smart Investing is a concept in which we really believe in. A winning formula requires adaptation, flexibility and continuous improvements in order to keep profit as high as possible in the growing curve.

Our close relationship with our clients is a very appreciated value we always concern. We develop the necessary tools to keep this closeness and to have clear communication on where their position is within their investments.

Mitra Capital is based on trust. Our clients rely on us to create wealth for them and watch after their investments. We are proved to do so.



Houses and apartments that may represent profit on their short term sell and/or rental


From single bussiness premises to full equiped office buildings and shopping centers


Patios, warehouses and strategically located premises


Small businesses with high performance and growth potential.

PRIVATE EQUITY investment MANAGMENT AND wealth administration firm